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A Letter to the White House


A Letter to the White House


Depressed in a Dysfunctional Democracy

The Supreme Court decision blocking the ban on corporate contributions and recent Legislative inactions reactivated my dormant depressive state. The fact that I did not concur with the Court’s decision is secondary when considering the ruling was steeped in political overtones. Monarchy’s tainted tea was discarded in freedom’s harbor inciting the War for Independence. Now this tea could be recycled, served and seasoned by artificial persons. The principles manifested in oligarchies are also revived when the will of the people is dependent upon party affiliation and control. When dissent, debate and compromise leave through the front door, freedom exits at the rear.

We are a Nation with complex problems requiring complicated solutions. The acronym driven mindset of too many of the populace lacks the forbearance to understand these proposed solutions; those afflicted by senescence suffer a similar fate.

The five part Health Care Reform Bill could be divided into five separate pieces of legislation. Bipartisan town hall forums should be conducted with the particulars presented and debated. Americans galvanize when circumstances are clearly defined.

Oversimplification?  A solution to a problem begins with a definition.







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