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Haiti Earthquake


Haiti Earthquake

Haiti has been the unwanted, often uninvited guest at the table of Republics. The once crown jewel of the Caribbean island nations fell into disfavor with both the Old World and New World by removing the shackles of oppression to become a free nation in 1804. (This is often cited as the only successful slave revolution; a position that I do not concur with because of the deeds of Gaspar Yanga. Beginning in 1570 Yanga, a Gabón Africa prince sold into slavery led a growing band of runaway slaves and indigenous Mexicans to fight the occupying Spaniards to a standstill and was ceded land near Vera Cruz. They are referred to as the “First Free People of the Americas”.) Revolution for freedom is usually heralded; the declaration for independence and subsequent successful struggle to achieve same in the USA for example. The implications are there, but at this time of need and support; this theme should not be injected for there is a “greater good” and humane calling to be addressed.

The proud devout Haitians are also mourning the loss of Port-au-Prince Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, whose body was found in the ruins of his office. A tsunami was averted as the epicenter of the earthquake was under the land mass, not the sea. The impending aftershocks of this 7.0 Richter scale quake are expected to be devastating as well.   

 Unfortunately the scam artists are more efficacious in solicitation than legitimate entities. Send your contributions to known relief organizations, preferably those already in place in Haiti, such as Doctors without Borders, Catholic Relief Services in Haiti or the United Nations. Send money; it is easier disseminated toward specific needs as the ongoing channels and the suppliers for goods and services are already identified.



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