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Two Times Remembering Ernie Banks



 Two Times Remembering Ernest “Ernie” Banks

Let’s play two before this day is thru

Deed well done needs reprise before we bid adieu

Repeating before time fleeting, preserving the moment

A lasting impression of precious instance just spent

Reliving what was done before

Is better when taken once more


Richard e Hill Jan 2015©  www. rehillbooks .com


A View of Life: A Lifer, Ernie Banks

A “lifer” is one whose cause, endeavor, quest or pursuit is almost synonymous with their name.  Ernie Banks, his folksy sayings and impromptu slogans are a case in point.  Though universally renown, associated with the sport of baseball.  From dirt patch playing fields, sandlots, the Negro Baseball League, groundbreaking entry into Major League Baseball and the barrier filled road to induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  “Mr Cub” is a paradigm of selflessness, support and generosity to humanitarianism.


You always felt better when in his presence.  I would say my name whenever we met.


He would say to everyone within earshot ---- “You know I know you!”  Then add, “Richard has a very important job” ---- leaving you to explain what it was that was so noteworthy.


A few years ago at a tony downtown Chicago hotel lounge and Jazz club, I was meeting an executive in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas and had just exchanged greetings with Ernie.  He was showing me the bounty he had just garnered at the hotel gift shop for his then 12-years old nephew, an ardent baseball fan.  Ernie Banks without a cue, at least by me, came over to the bar, autographed a bar napkin to be given to the youth and a napkin for my late father, a Deacon in the Catholic ministry ---- which read in part “Keep on preachin’ Deacon”.  After gushing as though he had hit the progressive jackpot, the business mogul invited “Mr Cub” to the extended family controlled vintage Las Vegas hotel to discuss a possible situation.  Then with a power emblazoned nod to the savvy bartender, bought a round of drinks for the patrons at the bar and a round for “Mr Banks’ party”.  Ernie Banks could turn an occasion into an event.


Ernest “Ernie” Banks, a lifer in Life itself.  Has he gone?  No ---- just taking a break between lives.



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