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What's So Funny? 31 Dec 09

What’s so funny?

Everything! Yes, in Schadenfreude America everything is funny. Comedic relief is undeniably therapeutic and I enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone, but have we gone too far. We laugh at global warming; the melting ice cap, now that’s a real hoot! Illegal immigration; families uprooted, people dying from thirst and tunnels caving in; another knee slapper. Or did you hear the one about a 500 pound bomb that hit a school? Collateral damage! Stop you’re killing me; pun intended. The economy? Now tears are really beginning to fall. Are the tears from laughter or the sadness families are feeling in this high unemployment rate holiday season? Now that we are on a roll; let’s disrupt some private lives. There are bonus points/laughs when there are celebrities or minorities involved. Double bonus points when a minority or celebrity rakes another minority or celebrity. And alternative lifestyles, you can start laughing when the set-up line begins.

Have we found a sense of humor, lost our respect for privacy and dropped to a new low in dignity?

Or maybe, we are just laughing to keep from crying.



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