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Why Christmas 24 Dec 09

Why Christmas?

Christmas is still most prominent during this season of transposing Holidays and festivities. There is feasting, fasting, praying, meditation or other means of expression, commemoration and recognition depending on inclination of kindred cultural observations. My mother was born on Christmas Day and her light dimmed as the Day approached in that year without Christmas and Thanksgiving; rendering subsequent celebrations empty. Why Christmas?

Most of the World has other observances, but Christmas is still universally recognized; commercial considerations prevalent. From local holiday sales, taxi drivers in Montego Bay hustling an enhanced gratuity, bargaining costermongers in Tijuana, to upscale Hong Kong shops enticing tourists by presenting the visible “last item like this” with cries and greetings of “Merry Christmas”.  T’is the season of receiving and giving as “palms up” dominates “palms down” in expectations. Why Christmas?

This could be the season of awareness to the divisive contrasts; i. e. feasting and hunger, hope and despair, illiteracy and education, alliance and xenophobia, and of course war and peace. Most assuredly awareness is present, but apathy prevails. Ending conflicting positions is difficult. Beginning is easy; extend friendship’s hand.

Why Christmas? It’s a good place to start.



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