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Remembering Ted Kennedy 28 Aug 09

Everyman’s Voice (Ted Kennedy, the Lion in the Kennedy Freedom Quartet)


Beneath umbrella shroud, star-crossed Quartet sang everyman’s song

Legacy voices heard loud, fighting everyman’s wrong

The oldest challenged first dutifully assuming lead

Heeding call to arms for nation listening by fireside

Perishing on faraway soil in second great tyrannical conflict

Leaving kindred trio to proceed

Next the visionary Charmer in executive mantel seized baton

Standing steadfastly with oppressed citizenry marching towards freedom

Falling mortally as regal widow’s son saluted final voyage

Riderless horse drawn caisson bearing horizontal royal throne rolled on

Grieving State shed multi-hued tears in homage


Another fell with prize within reach, leaving victors song unsung

Stricken Dreamer mourned from mystic mountaintop

Despite derisive shouts quest would not stop


Roaring Lion reigned longest and hardest

Allying in voice with destiny’s Chosen One

Morphing human needs into legislative deeds

Caisson rolled once more for Quartet celestial encore

With reshaped world approaching brotherhood’s now open door

New voices must be heard to deliver the compassionate word



R e Hill (copyrighted, all rights reserved)


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