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The Right Word: The End of Racism?

The Right Word:  The End of Racism?

Benjamin Franklin´s wife Deborah entering his study to find him in a compromising position with a comely young maid exclaimed, “Ben I’m surprised at you!”

Venerable Ben replied, “My Dear you were amazed ---- I was surprised.”

America’s first postmaster, premier scientist, inventor and statesman could then add the linguistic science of semantics to his long list of accomplishments.  Semantics, utilizing the most appropriate word or phrase.


Words like mores evolve with zeitgeist.  Say it politically correct, render an apology, and consider counseling ---- then most indiscretions are usually placed in abeyance pending further examination before fading into texted, trending obscurity.  The omnipresent global specter of Racism is a case in point as Nation State after Nation States “apologizes” for prior and present misdeeds.


The provenance of Racism is inexorably linked to the 15th century super powers ---- Great Britain, France, Spain and Portugal.  Belatedly joined by the Netherlands in quests for expansion in land and commerce.  The critical path for this Euro-centric world dominance through invasive pillaging was forged from the voyages of Christopher Columbus aka Cristobal Colon.  An African mythical sub-species was conjured to augment the labor intensive agricultural and mining interests as the indigenous populace of the Caribbean and Americas had been systematically slaughtered or likewise enslaved.  This concept of one species of humans being inferior to another is false as all humans developed from a single source.  Different characteristics in all life forms are resultant from adapting to climates and diets ---- evidenced by the closed communities evolved when the Earth was separated into continents, poles, and other masses.

Diaspora thru exploration, conquests, and settlement development has created regional heterogeneous cultures.  An example ---- peoples of color pullulated Northern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula principally through the Moors conquest of the then known world.  Assimilation into regions was relatively seamless as the populace separated by interests and class rather than skin color.  In that pivotal year 1492 Queen Isabella of Spain banished Jews, Moors and anyone with non Christian beliefs from the Iberian Peninsula thereby ending an 800 year Moorish domain.  Ironically on Columbus’ maiden voyage to the Americas, his translator Luis de Torres is historically acknowledged as the first Jew to set foot in the New World and the navigator on this landmark journey, Martin Alonso Pinzón was an emerging Black entrepreneur.  Most navies and pirate ships of the era were integrated; as Columbus and many of the 15th century Age of Discovery explorers were educated at naval colleges in Portugal.  These academies incorporated in their instruction Early Chinese traders-explorers star maps and 48 point compass.  (re: Commentaries / Legacy / Age of Discovery)

A Euro-Centric aura of superiority was established as global territories were subjugated to the militarism and subsequent colonization.  Foremost in this global conquest was the United Kingdom military interactions in over 80% of the current global nations.

Using data from the decadal census beginning in 1790 as a baseline document, the information most preserved and historically maintained is Euro-Centrically biased.  e g in1790 the door-to-door tabulated Census, only “free” European origins White Males were counted; everyone else was loosely combined.  In 1890 the term Race was introduced into demographics as the Computer Age began. The Census data expanded over the ensuing decades to include Women, Blacks (sub-divided into varying categories i.e. “Free”, “Mulatto”, “Quadroon”, “Octoroon” and other quantifiers to signify the “perceived percentage” of White European origin blood).  The Office and Management of Budget (OMB) has politically periodically included various groupings as White; including American Indians, Mexicans, and Lower Asians.  The OMB acknowledges that there is no scientific basis for their delimiting and definitions of Races ---- these classifications are for ensuring equal distribution of government services and rights.  The American Anthropological Association has unequivocally stated that skin color cannot be a sole determinate of so-called Race.  The biologically unscientific concept of Race is a vanishing enumerator/designator for nationals in most countries as an enlightened world coexists without hyphens.


Perhaps there is another word for Racism.  Once that word could have been zionism or zionist. The words in contemporary zeitgeist are upper-cased (automatically by online spell checkers) to apply strictly to Jewish references.  Go to a library and look in an older dictionary, you probably will not have to use a dictionary older than a couple of years.  If you are concerned about Whites being a minority by year 2040, no problema (sic) ---- the terms Race and Racism will not be used in the same manner.   Will the actions and prejudices be any different?   One can only hope.




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