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Mothers Day and Terrorism

Mothers Day and Terrorism

Mothers Day has a fixed date in Baja CA MX, 10 May; whereas the USA celebrates the second Sunday in May.  The Cleveland Ohio families of kidnap victims; Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus and Michelle Knight are celebrating their return.  Amanda Berry’s mother died brokenhearted three years ago before her daughter returned from captivity. As a 4C T (Certified Card Carrying Conspiracy Theorist), I have some reservation of the explanations of the ordeal to date. These will be placed in abeyance and not blogged or otherwise disseminated out of respect to the families and the sensitive nature of the topic.  Perhaps affable plain speaking “everyman” Charles Ramsey will receive due recognition for his current efforts in the rescue and the prior reporting of suspicious activity in the house next door to his several years ago.  Or will Mr Ramsey suffer the same fate as Frank Wills, the security guard who reported the Watergate Break-in to authorities?  While the perpetrators of the crime acquired wealth, celebrity and pardons; Wills died in destitute anonymity.


Xenophobia persists as the threat of impending terrorism garners attention and resources.  As potential terrorists and other criminal activities are profiled by religion and skin hue; the perpetrators pass seamlessly among us. Note the Boston Marathon bombers carrying backpacks laden with explosives casually walking through the crowded streets without raising any suspicion because they could easily blend into the populace.  A Saudi Arabian descendant was tackled and restrained as he along with thousands of others ran from the blasts.  The official line varied from “he was being held for questioning” to “being a possible witness”. Until there are more Charles Ramsey’s willing to step up and get involved, we as a country will continue to live in fear ---- texting and profiling away. I have nothing against technology although I consider “tweeting” by anything other than a bird an opiate for the socially challenged.  Relying upon profiling is fine for fictional TV programs, but in real life crimes are solved by citizens getting involved and hard nose law enforcement.  The marathon bombers were located when the police in conjunction with the public tracked and apprehended same ---- there will be more arrests.


Get involved, demand accountability and service from all levels of government ---- they work for YOU.




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