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Digital Revolt

Somewhere between a text and a tweet

The Statue of Liberty fell to defeat

Maliciously appealing to prejudices not senses,

Tearing down bridges, building fences

Speaking false, but politically corrected

Ignoring self-evident truths now rejected

Spouting code words media talking head

Assuaged blind egos yearning to be fed

Feeling status superior threatened by undesirables inferior

World via camera phones watched in disgust

Cruelties, injustices, divisiveness deemed just

Rampart revolution once thought absurd


Began with first abbreviated word





No Jazz Tonight, Katrina's Kiss

Big Easy, lively city on gulf and bay
Sits beneath watery grave
Drone of vehicles and vessels fill soggy, humid air,
Bring hope and substance to despair
Gods sought for salvation and explanation
Water and wind seek more victims
Blues guitar silenced as fearful souls wail pain and sorrow
Anguish pierces the musty stench
Cries for loved ones mix with calls for help
Faces once with aloof disdain, now cloaked in pain
Grasp hands once scorned; danger finds allies in strangers
Mothers clutching fearful children look to the sky
Entré fish swim through trendy restaurant doors
Haves patrons dine with nots at misfortune's table
Liquids once flowing from bottle and keg in revelry
Replaced by flooding water from levee
Katrina cruelly kissed the land goodbye in a violent way
Scorned as few met her, after knowing she would be here
Her wet lingering kiss left a lasting, angry smear
Reminding all, she would be back one day




Mom's Magic Apron

Hung in the kitchen by the pantry, alone
To be worn most of the day
Used it to shoo romping children off to bed or play
Carried laundry, toys, things from the rug
Covered her heart, heard through a hug
Smelled like cookie dough, pine, and flowers
Had a book of verses for magic powers
A pocket that always had a treat
Some change for ice cream
Something sweet
Napkin to remove a smudge or tear
Covered toddler eyes from imaginary fear

A symbol to never go away
As her love is stay




One Blues Song

I walk barefooted to feel every stone on eternity's rocky road
See a flower spreading its petals to receive nurturing sunlight
Hear the song of a bird searching, courting and preying
as clouds fill with the rain a wilting tree anxiously awaits
I cry with open eyes so every tear that falls upon naked skin
cleanses my soul and prepares my heart to receive the rewards
of patience, forgiveness and sharing
No one deserves my hatred so it drifts away in the smoke ring
of a diminishing cigar
Every one may receive my abundant love for life and living
Replenished every sunrise to be planted at dusk and harvested at dawn
My story is one long Blues song where no love is gone for every kiss
is recorded and recalled on lonely nights with empty dreams
When all seems lost but instead is discovered
in the opening chords of life's next chorus
Each kiss is a note to enhance the melody
Each caress is a bass line in the rhythm of romance
There is no ending, just another day, another verse in this song
of changing tempos and recurring theme
that is not sung nor played, just lived



Long Kiss Goodbye

Love's kiss is perpetual as it implants
upon the mind instead of the face
The embrace of souls
The fulfilling of a wish unknown but relentlessly sought
That finding of a treasure possessed
Never bought
Paid for with sleepless nights and constant wishes
The special meeting and embrace derived from bonding
of the heart and all the energy and passion
Felt waiting for a sunrise that will appear no more
To be had in that kiss to await

In the once more of thereafter



What Will You Do after the Laughter Stops

After realizing that you are among next props

Your rights, values presented upon metaphoric placard

Recited as foils in an act gone too far


The interlocutor mimics, points; minifying your pain

As sycophants guffaw on cue, their lot, their role fulfilled

Bleed internal sanctimonious blood invisibly spilled

You search for assistance, intervention; any kindred soul

Assuaged by epiphany's stroke, empathy is needless

The bully is the joke



Savanna Pride (Honorable Nelson Mandela)

Proud unbowed Lion planted freedom on impoverished savanna

Where flowered multitude grew separated by hue

Nurtured unevenly by recalcitrant wealthy few

Resources and rights harvested by tears of fear

Jailed leader of pride did protest treatment severe

Body shackled with reality of futility

Mind unrestrained maintained strength, humility

Twenty and eight year confinement, night solitary

Voice resonated boldly weary wary

Justice begrudgedly arrived through brokered devise

Someone just had to pay the price





Black Lament

I knew what it meant to be Black
when I heard a man being called a boy and treated like a toy
Black parishioners kneeling and praying before White Jesus
Pedestrians dropping their gazes before pale uncaring faces
Signs that closed open doors
Hooded nightriders on the roads once more
Half-awake sweating passengers standing
in the back on a half-empty bus
Public schools with doorways where ax-handled Governors stood
Wealth, not what you had --- but what you never could
Smiling protesters hugging trees, saving seals and whales
Angry policemen busting heads and taking Brothers to jails
Soldiers without freedom fighting for peace
Tomorrow's promises just beyond today's reach
And realized there was no justice ---it was just 'us' .



The Waters of Life (In Remembrance)

From the FAMILY lake of life
the rivers flow to bear streams and springs,
All have courses that are chartered,
Where and why is for the ONE to know.
Not all streams run longer than the river,
The paths vary, some acquire waters that are troubled,
There may be obstacles along the shore,
Only the LOVE and the FAMILY endure!

Although you may nourish and direct your streams,
Each will eventually find its own way,
Become their own river to have other streams
None in the same place to stay,
Only the LOVE and the FAMILY endure!

There is sorrow when the waters become still and pass no more,
It is not untimely unjust,
There is a new beginning to the sudden end....
The RIVER has run its course!
(Only the LOVE and the FAMILY endure!)



Will the Sky Kill the Sun

Angry preying birds screamed through the night
Raining conflict's burning streaking bursting shards
Moans of anguish, cheers of triumph and calls to Deity
War presents a menu for varied appetite
Quivering crying children include survival in their prayers
To wonder when this night is done
"Will the angry sky kill the Sun?"


White Carnation (Remembering Mother)

The carnation has the ivory mask to reflect seasons past
Stored with memories of youth's incomplete dreams

When the flower was crimson encased in nurturing embrace
Warmed by Mother's loving face

Pain and disappointment vanished in a guiding kiss
along life's winding road of undefined ambition

She lit faith's candle in reality's lantern
to make tomorrows better than todays

Where you are is what you were

Oh to spend one more moment with her.



When GrapeFruits Had Seeds (I remember Grandma)

The old man looked at the faded picture held in manicured fingers
She seemed very old when he was very young
Her hands were hard and calloused from years of toil
Yet the touch was as soft and as sweet
As the insides of the pastries she made
Those were the days when the aged were the heirlooms,
Passed from household to household
Each sharing in the preservation, caring for the needs
Different days, Different ways,
Times were simpler and grapefruits had seeds
Her surname was the same as Mother's maiden name
Her first name was Mama, Her body was stooped, walk a little slow
But her gaze went straight to your heart
One hug was the miracle cure for anything that was wrong
She forgot a lot of things, Remembered to kiss you good night
Reminded you to say your prayers, Patted you on the head
You can forever smell that homemade bread
Faded photographs, Clear memories, Perpetual love
Many years and tears; One GRANDMA. . . .








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