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Re-election?   Correct and Recompile


(CORRECT AND RECOMPILE. The dreaded, but usual error message culminating a two hour wait as a computer program had failed to generate the necessary codes for execution. The Common Business Oriented Language aka COBOL source codes written by a computer programmer would have to be corrected; tried again, again and again before successful compilation would be achieved. A successful compilation on initial submission or in the vernacular “golden” was rare ---- difficulty level of the program notwithstanding. In this embryonic age of accelerated automation nearly every program was a customized creation for utility programs and data development tools were few as project development to a great extent mimicked the arcane, comparatively tedious Hollerith 80 column card procedures. “Correct and recompile” ---- all old school programmers and developers have been there and done that.  ---- A précis from a work in process)



Contemporary social networking and perpetual online connectivity has globally transmogrified nearly everyone into a computer programmer ---- the names have changed into software engineers, web designers, application creators, bloggers, surfers, gamers; et al. This includes the Top Hat in the White House, the Honorable Barack Obama with his omnipresent Blackberry PDA announcing reelection plans. (I wonder if the Blackberry has a name; probably does, but I would suggest “Tonto” if the handy device needs one.) The President’s program as in the case of many other programs has been subjected to changes in original scope and anomalies. Despite the restoration of the USA image abroad, the economy struggles in recovery as partisan politics and special interests block more rapid advances.


America was once a manufacturing based economy and the paragon of financial stability. “Made in the USA” was a stamp of quality and efficiency. Now our jobs and dreams have travelled offshore and returned in the main as cheap labor facsimiles as we are left with the crumbs of our original creativity as birthers and naysayers chant derisively.


Barack Obama is still “the man for the job”, but all programmers have at some point experienced the need to “correct and recompile”.



The Dream and the Torch


The Dreamer’s vision burned in the torch relayed

from emancipation to inauguration

Country once revered for shelter, with respect,

 and melting pot nation

Wallows in economic abyss of self-creation

Multi-hued haves and not’s drinking

from dwindling trough

Voted lock step in hope for new direction

While an impoverished world watched bowed

and bent by the winds of despair

As hope re-ignited the wick burning slowly

 in troubled polluted air

Fusing the charge to restore an embattled

State to preeminent lead

When nightly prayers contained sharing and deeds

 instead of wishes for needs


The Battle is not won, it has just begun


Friday, August 28, 2009

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