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Donald Sterling: The Merchant of Menace?

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Donald Sterling: The Merchant of Menace?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver extracted a pound of flesh from the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling by banishment from the basketball kingdom.  Sterling had already extracted more than a jot of blood from the knights of roundball thru prior inferior compensation.  Parasitically profiting from the policies of revenue sharing from fellow owners before the team became a current going concern.  The original investment of 12 million dollars is now valued in the rarified neighborhood exceeding one billion large; a rate of return of 91 to 1.


Was it the caught on tape alleged insults to minorities in supposed private conversation?


Perhaps the perceived disdain for the erstwhile purple and gold clad point god Earving “Magic” Johnson?


The bestowing of treasures on comely courtesans during booty calls from the bounty garnered?


The sponsors’ threats of withholding tributes in bounty calls by television, the hypnotic Cyclops of Commerce?


The NAACP with its dwindling funding base in a brilliant maneuver “plans to return” the “tainted monetary contributions” of Mr Sterling ---- a gesture that will surely be met with contributions from others to alleviate the perceived shortfall.  POTUS, a basketball aficionado and renowned dribbler expressed displeasure, acknowledging the ongoing Racism in the USA.


Score one for racial equality?  I think not.  Many people including myself in private conversations have uttered words more egregious.  The “so called” taped confession is illegal and could result in litigated redress.  (Note – I still believe the taping was scripted and staged.)


Is Donald Sterling a racist?  His numerous charitable and humanitarian contributions would suggest otherwise ---- including busing minorities to Clippers games free; the same minorities in a display of verbal legerdemain “he does not want in attendance”.


Sterling at worst (in my opinion) sounds like someone for whatever reason that wants to move on.


Producers in the Briar Patch

Hit the “way back button”!  The classic partially animated Disney Uncle Remus movie “Song of the South” has a scene with cartoon characters ----a bear, “Bre’r Bear”; a fox, Brother Fox; and a meddlesome rabbit, Bre’r Rabbit.  The confreres in cinematic farcical crime, the bear and the fox have just ensnared the rabbit and are debating the manner of its disposal.  Brother Fox wants to cook Bre’r Rabbit and Bre’r Bear desires a more violent immediate disposition; i.e. to “knock his head clean off”.  Bre’r Rabbit of course disagrees with both, cunningly “pleading” instead that he would accept either ---- just “don’t throw him in the briar patch”.  The villains are outsmarted when they indeed opt to throw the rabbit into the thistle enclave where he escapes unscathed because “he was bred and born in the briar patch.  (Note: I intentionally omitted the “Tar Baby” reference.)


Fast forward some decades where the subject in another missive --- “Merchant of Menace”, in case you remember my literary renditions --- Donald Sterling Esquire in his ongoing saga with the National Basketball League is being coerced into the sale of his team for 33 years, the Los Angeles Clippers.  Mr Sterling after acquiring the franchise for 12 million or so, dollars is being forced to sell the team to a group for two billion dollars; give or take a few hundred million.   100 million here, a 100 million there ---- pretty soon, we are talking real money; mend the gelt.


Mr Sterling after having his losses covered through revenue sharing --- a process where teams turning a profit subsidize the less fortunate --- has built the organization into a going concern.  Reminiscent of another classic movie from yesteryear, “The Producers”.  The storyline has producers of a play making money though intentionally attempting to lose money.  Those fellow franchise owners are forcing the poor billionaire to make a 200 to 1 return on his investment.


Oh, the inhumanity of it all!


The illegal taping of a conversation with supposed disparaging racial remarks in a private setting and threatened loss of some corporate sponsorship (I’ll believe that when I see it also, just like the cash strapped shaky financial NAACP returning money).  Most people including myself have said worse in kindred environs.


Throw him in the briar patch.   I will be standing nearby, in case a million or so is dropped.


By the way, can you believe with all that paper flying around, businessman extraordinaire, Earvin “Magic” Johnson isn’t there somewhere? 









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