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Tale of Two Georges: General Washington vs King George III

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Tale of Two Georges - General Washington vs King George III 


The two leaders clashed when the fledgling republic later known as the United States of America sought independence.  But, whose War was it anyway?  The populace in England was growing weary of the impudent brood across the pond ---- besides the vast Empire was having enough problems with ongoing conflicts with France and Spain. 

Washington was two years older than King George and both were cloaked in affluence ---- GW agriculture/commerce and KG3, royalty.  After a distinguished military career GW was enjoying the perquisites of being wealthy and having as his wife, the widowed cherubic Martha one of the richest women in America.  When the call to duty needed to be answered, GW planned to emulate the legendary Roman emperor, Cincinnatus known for his efficiency in actions and short reign as emperor.  Instead he was prodded into the Presidency for eight years and away from being one of the largest landowners with over 300 slaves and indentured servants.  KG3 on the other hand reigning for 59 years was falsely known as a tyrant though in reality was an abolitionist, supporting many humanitarian causes.  Scholarly, philanthropic William Wilberforce was his "voice" in Parliamenendeavoring to eradicate slavery in the colonies.  KG3´s wifeCharlotte of Mecklenburg was a gifted botanist from African (Morocco) and European (Switzerland) heritage; referred to as the Mulatto Queen by an envious court.  She was a generous benefactor of the Arts notably sponsoring Wolfgang Mozart (also of African and European lineage).  The airport in Charlotte NC has a statue with the likeness of the frizzy haired queen for whom the City is named.  

The Revolutionary Warwas not won by the valiant Patriots.  Barely escaping capture in New York George Washington was often overwhelmed by the well trained forces with the world's largest armada.  The tides shifted when Prussian Baron Friedrich Von Steuben was engaged by Benjamin Franklin to train the colonial forces, Mexican Generalissimo Bernardo Galvez´s armada rendered naval support, France´s General Lafayette ships neutralized the British Navy, and the Indians, who hated both sides concentrated their wrath mainly on the British.  Former slaves comprised one sixth (5000 troops) of the Continental Army  (The British enlisted 12,000 runaway slaves, many were repatriated to Nova Scotia Canada and Barbados.) 


These History altering deeds were "lost" when the War ended and the new republic became inimical to the non Eurocentric allies. 







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