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Who Shot Trayvon Martin and When?


Who Shot Trayvon Martin and ….When?

You have seen and heard the media feeding frenzy as the hate mongering, camera moth pettifoggers seize the opportunity to add biased agenda-ized accelerants to the flames of passion. This tragedy demonstrates that racism is alive and thriving in an election year where everything is an issue stored in a vote pandering, expanding camel hump. My opinion based solely upon the KNOWN facts to date e.g. the 911 phone calls and video camera images:

1. Security guard cop wannabe George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin BEFORE calling the police emergency line

2. Zimmerman then drove several blocks away from the scene to setup an alleged following of a suspicious person

3. Zimmerman returned to the scene to stage the confrontation planning to call the police to turn himself in

4. But fate dealt an unbiased hand when a young mother near the scene called 911 when she heard cries for help and the gunshot ---- therefore the police had already arrived when Zimmerman returned


5. ‘Should not be’ cops aided Zimmerman by not securing the crime scene and gathering evidence

6. The camera images reported by several international media clearly show Zimmerman unharmed

7. Getting someone (probably co-conspiring ‘should not be’ policemen) to punch him in the nose would not be problematical

8. Remember the 911 operator told Zimmerman not to “follow” because the police were already on the way ---- what would be the odds that they would be at same scene when the location of the shooting had not been reported by Zimmerman when he made the initial call?

9. Martin’s body had been cleaned at the morgue thereby destroying forensic evidence that would establish the distance between Martin and Zimmerman when the shot was fired ---- Martin’s clothing allegedly “disappeared” also


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