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Mothers: Just a Minute Ago

Just a Minute Ago

“It was right here, a minute ago”, Grandma would say with a smile and quizzical look.  Then the smaller children and the toddlers would begin to hunt for the lost object; usually a pair of spectacles.  The older children and adults present would collectively “what again” sigh.  The object was found by a toddler in one of the usual places; on the arm of a large stuffed chair or on top of the kitchen table.  A cherished reward was rendered ---- a hug and a loud juicy kiss on the cheek.

Grandma forgot a lot of things, but remembered more.  Like when it is was time for Grandpa’s medicine.  A cake for the Church bake sale.  When to take a pot roast from the oven.  Ingredients for biscuits, cornbread and pastries.  Where your ticklish spot was.  When a helping hand was needed, because she was blessed and had more than she needed.

You constantly look for her because she was “right there ---- just a minute ago”. 


Mom's Magic Apron

Hung in the kitchen by the pantry, alone
To be worn most of the day
Used it to shoo romping children off to bed or play
Carried laundry, toys, things from the rug
Covered her heart, heard through a hug
Smelled like cookie dough, pine, and flowers
Had a book of verses for magic powers
A pocket that always had a treat
Some change for ice cream 
Something sweet
Napkin to remove a smudge or tear
Covered toddler eyes from imaginary fear
A symbol to never go away
As her love is stay


When Grapefruits Had Seeds (I Remember Grandma)

The old man looked at the faded picture held in manicured fingers
She seemed very old when he was very young
Her hands were hard and calloused from years of toil
Yet the touch was as soft and as sweet
As the insides of the pastries she made
Those were the days when the aged were the heirlooms,
Passed from household to household
Each sharing in the preservation, caring for the needs
Different days, Different ways,
Times were simpler and grapefruits had seeds
Her surname was the same as Mother's maiden name
Her first name was Mama, Her body was stooped, walk a little slow
But her gaze went straight to your heart
One hug was the miracle cure for anything that was wrong
She forgot a lot of things, Remembered to kiss you good night
Reminded you to say your prayers, Patted you on the head
You can forever smell that homemade bread
Faded photographs, Clear memories, Perpetual love
Many years and tears; One GRANDMA. . . .



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