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An Open Letter to Baseball Fans

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An Open Letter to Baseball Fans:

As a perpetual baseball aficionado ---- Chicago White Sox, team of preference ---- I am perplexed with the 2014 season opening in Australia. Baseball, born in the ashes of the oxymoronic “Civil” War, growing in lock step with each generation to become the metaphor for life in America.  Our successes “hits”, our failures “strikeouts”.  Overcoming the divisiveness of this internal conflict determined the united course our ancestors persevered through world conflicts, depressions, financial crises and natural disasters.

Now we are prepared to take our national pastime to Australia. Australia?  It is not provincialism that makes this venture implausible ---- many of our better players have international heritage.  While the legacy of Jackie Robinson’s ultimate conquest of the color barrier is being given overdue celebration, America’s Game is going to Australia.  The country down under where racism still survives in smirking Janus-faced defiance and the shrunken aboriginal populace had first their land and now their humanity taken.  The Los Angeles Dodgers, formerly the Brooklyn Dodgers ---- Jackie’s team is going to be performing on the nouveaux plantations of Australia where the Aborigine unemployment rate is four times the national average. Lifestyle, education ---- both are sub-standard.

This venture would undoubtedly be a financial success, but a social failure.  The token-ized image of Aborigine Track and Field Star Cathy Freeman lighting the torch in the 2000 Sydney Olympics with tears of mixed emotions streaming down her face is still engraved in my mind.


Thanks for your indulgence. . . .


Richard e Hill

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(Note: There have been six USA Presidents including the Honorable Barack Obama that have/had Black lineage.)





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