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A Kiss on the Forehead

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A Kiss on the Forehead


A kiss on the forehead. Bells do not ring; violins remain silent, reserving their lush imaginary accompaniment for another time, space or never.

The “I am glad that you are here” subliminal message resonates as curiosity beckons to theory to provide intention. Theory too is preoccupied; mesmerized by a dangling leaf spiraling in a soft breeze before drifting downward.

A melting glow descends to warm the cheeks as a hand extends from a task in process to confirm affirmation of affection.


Just a kiss on the forehead. . . .













Let's Get Lost

A heartbeat away from emptiness is the serenity of nowhere

Straight ahead no turns only reflective pauses as signs

Comforting embraces mark the resting places

For troubled mind and soul

Passion resides there as well

It must be taken generously, consumed whole

This blissful path of mishaps aftermath

Found only when bound together hopelessly

Never wanting to be discovered

Hidden from sorrow, just before destiny

To find the way you must be lost


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