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The Plane Boss, the Plane

Missing Malaysian Plane / Flight 370

“The Plane Boss, the Plane” was the opening line delivered by Tattoo, the diminutive television character played by veteran actor Herve Villachaize as another episode of “Fantasy Island” starring the dashing leading man Ricardo Montalbon began.  Times and plots were simpler. The leading women were zaftig with big hair and tight haute couture, the leading men were articulate and stylishly cloaked or politically incorrect buffoons with disheveled Peter Falk’s Columbo being the exception proving the rule.  The bad guys were sleazy camp with plot appropriate foreign accents as television was by and large the moral wasteland Newton Minnow depicted despite being monitored by a self-described pristine government.  Contemporary zeitgeist has arrived at the depths of depravity forecasted where snitch and tell, point and click, acronym, theory based journalism has replaced insightful investigative presentation as corruption abounds everywhere.


There are thousands of airplanes that “disappear” under mysterious circumstances every year.  The Malaysian Flight MH370 with 239 passengers is the ninth classified major mystery beginning with Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan in 1937.  Where is a sky watcher with a camera phone when you really need one?  Other notables:

a.       2009 Air France 447 (228 aboard) from Rio de Janeiro Brazil to Paris France

b.      2003 Boeing 727 (2 – 4 aboard)

c.       1999 Egyptian Flight 990 (217 aboard)

d.      1996 TWA Flight 800 (230 aboard)

e.      1947 British Stardust (11 aboard)

f.        1945 Flight 19 Navy bombers (19 aboard total for all)

g.       1942 British fighter (solo)


Reminds me of the “known smuggler” who crossed the border on a bicycle every day.  After extensive searches each time for years, no contraband was ever found.  After the frustrated border inspector retired, he sought out the smuggler for an off the record account of his suspected cargo.  The smuggler was smuggling bicycles.


Let’s do the math:

a.       The Boeing 777 has a beginning $261.5 million dollar out-the-door price tag and costs over $200K to top off the tank with premium fuel.

b.      The plane dissected for parts would bring in minimally, four times the selling price

c.       The below the radar 10,000 feet flight pattern is one utilized by smugglers

d.      There are hundreds of uninhabited islands that would support the one mile runway required for a landing strip  (as well as numerous unfriendly corrupt governments)

e.      This airstrip could be disguised in hours or faster

f.        There are private air strips in the area

g.       The potential crime could have been pre-planned and not spontaneous

h.      The caper has an eerie resemblance to the Somali Kidnapping Model wherein the cargo or vessel is of more interest to the perpetrators than the passengers; who are treated relatively well and unharmed.   Negotiations in these instances are lengthy and not highly publicized.


Too easy?  Well, I am an admitted 4CT (Certified Card Carrying Conspiracy Theorist) and there is a lot of money involved.



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