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Tale of Two Cities

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Tale of Two Cities


Emerging Pretoria lowers head to pray and bereave

For royalty preparing celestial leave


Old World London raises glasses of wine

Awaiting royal celebration for heir third in line

The specter of King George III looms in historic background as the royal birth approaches finality.  King George III, the king referenced when John Hancock affixed his over-sized signature to the Declaration of Independence, reportedly saying “So the fat King George could see it without his spectacles and over his pot belly”.  King George was ostracized and subsequently went insane after losing the Americas in “The Uprising of the Colonials” aka “The Revolutionary War”.  The “tale of two cities” segues to London and Boston as George’s wife, Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz was nearing the delivery of her 11th of 15 children (God save the Queen!) when “the shot heard around the World” was fired.  Charlotte was of German, Swiss and Black Moorish (you knew that was coming, didn’t you) Portuguese descent.  Queen Charlotte was an accomplished botanist, a patron of the arts, a sponsor of Mozart (too easy, I’ll pass) and an abolitionist; so this slavery thing going on across the pond was displeasing to say the least; African roots notwithstanding.  As evidenced by their 15 children with only two not reaching adulthood; she had Georgie’s ear among other parts of his anatomy. Two future Kings and six princesses were products of this union.


When an offspring produced a child of non-royal blood i.e. through marriage with a commoner; this child would be considered illegitimate and could not ascend to the throne.


The Tale of Two Cities returns to London and Washington DC (no problem, I’m not going to go there, POTUS has enough perceived birth issues already) as the current King in awaiting, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have announced the birth of their first child, a boy who would be third in the line of succession. Where was I? Ah yes, the commoner births; Prime Minister, David Cameron, a POTUS supporter is in this line of non-succession as a distant descendant of George and Charlotte.


Does this mean that the PM has some Black lineage? ---- He does dance well.



(Note: There have been six USA Presidents including the Honorable Barack Obama that have/had Black lineage.)





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