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A Conversation on Race

Conversation on Race


Currently the media has generated a steady stream of programming regarding race relations.  An occurrence whenever an emotionally charged incident viz-a-viz Trayvon Martin is questionably disposed ---- an opiate for the masses. There has been some excellent articulation re: Race Relations with individuals of prominence that cross racial lines.  As astute as such discourse happens to be, viable solutions/recommendations are absent. Akin to a “back in the day” business practice when a solution to a problem was needed, yet only a meeting was called.   Next course of action(s) will probably be “task forces on racial equality”, Congressional Hearings on the subject and or local organizations to further state the obvious ---- the USA has a race problem.



As in any scientific endeavor, the first order of business is to DEFINE the problem.  The problem in race relations (narrowing the scope to Black and White for the purpose of this discussion) is Whites do not recognize Blacks as peers; instead considering Blacks as an underachieving sub-species with a few notable exceptions that prove the rule.  To further elucidate, Black Music could serve as an exemplar.  Black music is generally restricted to rhythmic sprechgesang, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and southern slavery origin Stephen Foster rifacimentos genres.  (An aside, recall the classic comedy movie “Blazing Saddles” ---- the flatulence filled campfire scene where the cowboys sing some colored music, “like Camp Town Races”.  Stephen Foster, a supposed abolitionist neither lived in nor visited the South except for his two week honeymoon. This typifies the ruse that passes for racial acceptance and harmony.)  Absent from the scope of Black Music depictions are the works of Beethoven, his mentor Haydn and his best friend Mozart. In the words from the Aretha Franklin Rhythm and Blues classic and the late Rodney Dangerfield ---- respect, “R” “E” “S” ”P” “E” “C” “T”; we get no (sic) “respect”.


The solution to Race Relations with respect to Blacks is an EDUCATIONAL process.  Whites need to know who we, Blacks really are.  Black achievement has been intentionally eradicated, bleached or omitted from History.  Mr. President, if you want a historical legacy; start with History. Create an all inclusive History curriculum that replaces the vastly Euro-centric version course of instruction.


Is America or the World really ready for a Conversation on Race?


You cannot have a conversation until you are talking to someone that is listening.


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