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Have you ever heard a song passively playing on an elevator, filtering through a crowd from an iPod, a radio, or emanating from a quaint shop that makes you seek seclusion to take respite with mood soothing refreshment? You want to reflect upon this melody that once was a theme to memorialize a stolen moment. The captivating beauty of this clandestine escapade that was avoided until actually occurring and ended too soon with the obligatory vow to revisit, but remains unfulfilled as an incubus mocks and taunts. You sit there in your closed office, private nook or wherever reflection can be addressed sans curious inquiring eyes and envious smirks.

The provenance was probably an entertainment, a vacation, or dining venue that segued to a tryst and was subsequently sculpted upon your personal Mount Rushmore with the special activities that conjure the limited frisson evoking occasions of a lifetime. Was it the poignant message in the song rendered by an entertainer on the decline or on a scratchy sound system, yet received clearly by a mind seeking romance? You reached for the hand beneath the shoulder that absorbs doubts or the hand that was a rose petal encasing your desires; dependent upon the role you assumed in this reality play. Now you reach for a communication device to recapture, to reconcile, or dare say revisit, but the incubus borrowing from the instant message age “laughs out loud” as your dream channels to the perpetual “to do list”; realizing belatedly it was the moment not the message.

Wishful dreams are classic novels; read initially because you had to, and read again because you need to, or most often placed upon dusty bookshelves with other memorabilia.



Let's Get Lost

A heartbeat away from emptiness is the serenity of nowhere

Straight ahead no turns only reflective pauses as signs

Comforting embraces mark the resting places

For troubled mind and soul

Passion resides there as well

It must be taken generously, consumed whole

This blissful path of mishaps aftermath

Found only when bound together hopelessly

Never wanting to be discovered

Hidden from sorrow, just before destiny

To find the way you must be lost


R e Hill ©

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