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Just another Day in America

Just Another Day in America

Where do the flowers go, perishing before full bloom?

Bearing the scent of innocence instead of perfume

Laughter stilled by harbingers of ill will . . . .


Newtown Connecticut (a sleepy town originally known as Quanneapague, was purchased from the Pohtatuck Indians in 1705; was settled from Stratford and incorporated in 1711)  --- violence interrupts the daily activities and terminates the lives of innocents.


Again we ask ---- why?  Genetics, drugs, absence of morality, psychosis or that old chestnut ---- failure of the system?  Far and away, the USA is the world leader in gun violence.  Sure, the Constitution allegedly gives us the right to bear arms.  This too is a matter of interpretation and a topic of discussion for another day.


There are more gun related incidents because we, the people of the United States of America train and develop killers.  It is in our culture and heritage. 32 people die from gun violence every day in the USA.


Hold your outrage at my inferring that this form of moral turpitude is a product made in the USA and not outsourced to China or elsewhere.  Consider instead:

1.       Our planes and warships spreading and preserving “peace” are loaded with warheads and missiles not olive branches

2.       Children, especially young boys can identify types of hand guns before knowing the names of planets. By the way Pluto is almost a planet again; it is a “dwarf planet, ice planet  or plutoid”

3.       Games on handheld or controlled devices where killings are “scored” are among the best sellers

4.       Killers are celebrated and glamorized i.e. Billy the Kid is better known than Bass Reeves (who? --- look it up, you are only proving my point), gangster theme movies and TV shows are financial bonanzas

5.      When someone makes a financial windfall, it is referred to as “a killing”

6.       Add the violence in sports ---- OK that´s enough


In an ever evolving new world order where scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are in demand, we are left in a trance gaming, tweeting and texting away becoming spectators instead of leaders.  Anthropologists someday will ponder whether the opposable thumb was really genetic advancement.



There is a special vase in a celestial place

For the flowers that are not in full bloom


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