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Friendship - Mr Lucky 8 Aug 09

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Twin Sunsets

The Sun set twice additionally this summer when two cherished friends transitioned to the ultimate plane. Octogenarian Jesus, the patron of the family in the house facing the cul-de-sac containing my atelier in Baja California spoke no English and six years old Mr. Lucky, a neighbor’s large shepherd dog could not speak at all. Yet I could understand every word they spoke and each sentiment expressed. These friends communicated with their hearts and deeds wherein a handshake, an embrace, a soothing touch, a protective stare, or a gentle nuzzle transmitted depths of understanding and camaraderie that were felt beyond the artificial boundaries of language. My days were enriched whenever I experienced their serendipitous blessings.



Unequivocally presented sans embellishment, always there

Never bartered quid pro quo, forever fair

A melding of inner sancta not forsaken, received not taken

Bond possibly strained, impossibly broken

Forever sought, never bought

On this winding path life passes through

I am blessed to have found you


R e Hill Aug 2009, Baja BC MX
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