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Meeting the Right Person



Meeting the Right Person

Timing, a methodology based upon coincidence more than science in socio-romantic encounters.  This unpredictable variable renders most relationships transient ---- permanence or enduring is reserved for the fortunate blessed few as they withstand “the test of time”. The Right Person may have been met, but subsequently banished to the perpetual “used to be list” ---- again, timing.  As thoughts linger in moments of “what if”, revisiting is considered to dispel a lull during periods of stressful indifference. Were the best times you ever had already had?  Can they be had again? Perhaps just a sip from the tempting glass of the past undoes parting words?  However, unsaid words are spoken more loudly and though the cruelest sounds; they are the most easily reconciled.

Enter REALITY to either slap the shit out of you or give you courage ---- the choice is yours.

By the way, most breakups occur in December.



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