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LUXURY BOOKENDS - "Friendship" poem engraved on 3/8 inch thick green tinted plate glass. Price not established, but should be in the $75.00 - $100.00 range. Currently testing shipping and delivery as well as lining up artisan engravers.


Unequivocally presented sans embellishment, always there
Never bartered quid pro quo, forever fair
A melding of inner sancta not forsaken, received not taken
Bond possibly strained, impossibly broken
Forever sought, never bought
On this winding path life passes through
I am blessed to have found you

R e Hill



"A friend is someone you can talk to without saying a word"

R e Hill


(Personalized individual RECIPIENT's NAME on BASE PLATE) 


(AUTOGRAPHED GIFT CARD with the Friendship Poem and provenance enclosed)


Tragedy in Norway

Oslo Norway, the City where Peace lives was terrorized on 22 July 2011.


When you heard of the deadly terroristic acts in progress, how did you picture the terrorist(s)? Most media unsubstantiated speculation attributed these acts to Muslims. So-called terrorist experts cited the kindred association of Norway to the USA ---- the avenging of the killing of Osama bin Laden, and general growing global unrest. Noteworthy, 31% of registered Republicans still believe Barack Obama is a Muslim as opposed to 10% of registered Democrats; you may make your own inferences.


The deadly holiday carnage began with a car bomb in Oslo, and then segued to a youth camp in the nearby atoll, Utuya Island. Fallen innocent youthful lilies pullulated the land and waters where some attempted to swim to safety. Blond, blue-eyed Norwegian native, automatic weapons armed Anders Breivik disguised as a policeman systematically forever silenced the star-struck 77 including fleeing panicked teenagers and pre-pubescent children. The media generally apologized to Muslims for the ill-advised, misguided previous speculation and now dub Breivik as a “Christian extremist” ---- what! Notable exceptions, the Washington Post reporter who stated that “he (Breivik) was the exception” that proved the rule and the often politically incorrect commentator, who referred to the Norwegian Labour Party sponsored event as similar to a Hitler paramilitary training camp.



Summer Storm

Sudden subfusc storm ravished the Land of Peace

Raining tears upon bergfrue strewn across festive atoll

Stricken innocents placid petals pullulating water and isle

Journeying laughter, joy, love to destiny final call



R e Hill July 2011 ©


Waiting for Ice Cream

Ice cream: Hometown Chicago in lieu of using thermometers measures the humid sweltering summer heat by this treat's sales volume. A more healthy diet concern has halved my personal consumption of the delectable delicacy from the premium variety gallon a week erstwhile ‘standard'. While waiting for service, appetites capriciously change when observing others purchases. Syrups, sprinkles, cherries, berries, fruits, nuts, M & M's, marshmallows, whipped cream are capriciously added or subtracted as a single scoop cup morphs into a gastrological diet breaking sundae array. Mimicry and one-upmanship reigns.



The emerging new world order of social change, faltering economies, toppling heads of State, and absconding dictators is akin to a frenzied line of ice cream buyers on a 90°F, 26°C day.


 "Oh let me see ---- OK, we'll have the Western Style democracy with a debt ceiling."


"WAIT! Never mind, that doesn't seem to be working --- make that a reorganizational committee or council with lots of foreign aid."      Foreign aid, like vanilla ice cream is always fashionable; this is especially true as a recipient.


 "Revolution expensive, but can´t we get foreign aid?"


 "Better still, I'll eschew ‘outside interference', but leave on the extra topping of foreign aid."


"Perhaps an old fashioned South American or Caribbean junta would work here ----. No, make that a troika because three heads are better than one which also means more foreign aid".


"How's that Iraq thing working, now that Saddam Hussein is gone?"


"Osama bin Laden dead! OMG (couldn't resist an instant message texting dig)! "What about those funds for searching and payoffs for aiding/harboring?"


The common theme here is ‘the USA is the crutches for the stumbling world' while our citizenry are the shoemakers' children waiting for shoes. Let's get OUR economy in order and let the countries of the world decide for themselves what they wish to be. They won't love us any less because we will always have that appetizing, always appealing, foreign aid flavored ice cream.



By the way, I predict Gaddafi will never be brought to trial (however his name is spelled this week, I've seen the name spelled many ways including the first letter as a "Q" or "K"; depends on where you are I suppose). A truce/compromise will be reached; he would take the money and go into exile in this instance. Don't be surprised if one of his sons or "former wink, wink" aides becomes the new whatever. Now whether or not he would be assassinated or killed is another matter.



I think I'll have some ice cream with fruit, a slice of chocolate cake and a cigar for lunch. [Eat your heart out, I've dropped 15 to 20 lbs (mostly rear end and thighs) and I'm now back below200 lbs wearing fitted jeans and above the knee shorts.]



A Katrina type catastrophe was averted, so a reprisal of the ‘Katrina poem' is in order:

No Jazz Tonight, Katrina's Kiss


Big Easy, lively city on gulf and bay

 Sits beneath watery grave

 Drone of vehicles and vessels fill soggy, humid air,

 Bring hope and substance to despair

 Gods sought for salvation and explanation

 Water and wind seek more victims

 Blues guitar silenced as fearful souls wail pain and sorrow

 Anguish pierces the musty stench

 Cries for loved ones mix with calls for help

 Faces once with aloof disdain, now cloaked in pain

 Grasp hands once scorned; danger finds allies in strangers

 Mothers clutching fearful children look to the sky

 Entrée fish swim through trendy restaurant doors

 Haves patrons dine with nots at misfortune's table

 Liquids once flowing from bottle and keg in revelry

 Replaced by flooding water from levee


Katrina cruelly kissed the land goodbye in a violent way

 Scorned as few met her, after knowing she would be here

 Her wet lingering kiss left a lasting, angry smear


 Reminding all, she would be back one day


                                   R e Hill©




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