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Once again sports has whitewashed its greed by inserting same into a baggie, spraying with media sanitizer and then tying the bundle with a black cord. Forgotten are the booster generosities of the Wooden era basketball program, the high paying jobs for family members of athletes, the corporate summer jobs for athletes, the coaching carnival shuffle, loans secured by “future earnings” to buy luxury cars, recruiting parties and other overlooked violations too numerous to list. This legal prestidigitation has been done in MLB, e.g. Barry Bonds; and the NFL with Michael Vick.

Then there is the sanctimonious Heisman Committee of the Downtown Athletic Club. The same group gave the “prestigious” award to Paul Hornung after he had led his team to a losing season.  A more deserving Jim Brown was ignored, causing a very prominent sportswriter voter to resign his voting privileges. To say that Reggie Bush is the sole cause of the USC football program’s crimes and punishment is insulting to the intelligence of some sports fans. Then intelligence and sports fans may very well be an oxymoron given the fact that fan is derived from the word fanatic.

Does Reggie Bush deserve the Heisman Trophy? A better question might be, does the Heisman Trophy deserve Reggie Bush? 


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