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What did you guys do?

What Did You Guys Do?


“What did you guys do?” the friendly taunt was posed to me by a 3rd Grade pudgy Italian classmate, Anthony ---- whom I still arguably
consider the ‘fairest’ person I have ever known. Anthony continued his soliloquy with references to Christopher Columbus who 
“discovered” the World; the comic book superheroes and cowboys; the USA Presidents; military leaders and radio stars. There were just three races then; Colored such as myself, Whites who were often referred to by ethnicity i.e. Italian pronounced with a beginning long “I”, Greek, German, Irish, Jews, and Japanese who were often just called Japs and racially classified with Chinese. Other Asians only
existed in action comic books, Charlie Chan radio programs or Bob Hope road show movies.  Indians, now politically correct called 
Native Americans were just Indians ---- Mexicans were incorrectly considered White. Anthony had an equally pudgy twin sister, Teresa 
with an infectious laugh and friendship in her eyes ---- she seemed as though she wanted to give everyone a big hug.

I struggled for an answer before I mentioned my paternal grandfather, a soldier who fought in the Spanish American War and my Native American paternal grandmother, who I exaggeratedly misidentified as having an Indian Chief father. History was disseminated with Eurocentric political spin as nearly all scientific achievement; discovery and cultural aspects reflected this portrayal.

As the new world order emerges from the shadows of millenniums of conflict to elucidate the eco-political growth in China, Malaysia, 
India, Lower Asia, Brazil, Africa et al; prudence should be given to re-examine the anthropology of this heretofore silenced majority. 
Knowing someone is essential to understanding.

As Voltaire eloquently stated, “Truth is the first casualty of War”.



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Hunting for Christmas

The quarry safely ensconced in shelter surviving another day

The huntress with a guide has tracked, waiting chance to strike anyway

Light filters through a clearing

Cover is removed, daybreak nearing

Prey nervous, disturbed by interrupted still

Huntress quickly springs, one swipe kill

Leaves the store with bargain, seeking more game

Season drawing near end, life returning to same

This too shall pass away

Happy Holiday 



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