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The Vote

The Vote

The Vote. The ringside seat in Democracy's arena, the points on the scoreboard, the cheers of voices otherwise unheard, and the plate for your slice of Freedom's pie.

Those who do not vote determine most elections, the reluctant consenting or dissenting voice. Heard "amen corner" co-signing the favorable or vociferously protesting the unfavorable. The ultimate "political inaction committee".

Though some voices are stilled by technicalities, most are by apathy. If your voice is silenced by technicality, find a surrogate who was previously reticent. Both will be empowered. If your voice is stilled by apathy, let the pain of exclusion awaken your mind.

The benefits of Democracy are there because someone voted and someone died.

Vote --- it's the right thing to do.

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Joe Louis versus Barack Obama

Joe Louis was hope before Martin Luther King, change before Jackie Robinson, the greatest before Ali, patriotism before Colin Powell and the embodiment of Black pride before the Movement.


When Joe Louis won, we all won. He showed that racism was beatable and survival in a world that was White was possible. He symbolized migration from the South to find opportunity in the North before Mexican immigration garnered attention and jobs. Crowds would gather to catch a glimpse or perchance shake the hand of The Champ. He was our rights and our lefts using these powerful hands to pummel his way to the pinnacle of the sports world, dominate the media, and show that being born Black was not a ticket on the back seat of a crowded bus traveling on the bumpy road to irrelevance.


He overcame the transgressions of Jack Johnson and the  divisive rhetoric of Marcus Garvey to reignite the torch carried by Frederick Douglass. Lacking the genius of Carver, the elegance of Ellington, the humor of Foxx, and the charisma of Adam Clayton Powell, but having the support without quota of Blacks joining hands to reach across the great continental divide of separate but unequal to the opened minds and hearts willing to embrace a common way. Joe Louis was the people's Champion.

A comparison with Barack Obama? Barack Obama is Joe Louis.


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