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"If light stay on for more than 4 hour call ERECTRICIAN" ---- from Japanese Doctor


What's New:


(1.) I am learning the most common language in the world, Mandarin Chinese.

(2.) Pondering whether to join a project management team coordinating the development and implementation of a four participating countries environmental manufacturing concepts/cultural project.






Poem du Jour

Black Lament


I knew what it meant to be Black when

I heard a man being called a boy and treated like a toy

Black parishioners kneeling and praying before White Jesus

Pedestrians dropping their gazes before pale uncaring faces

Signs that closed open doors

Hooded nightriders on the roads once more

Half awake sweating passengers standing

      in the back on a half-empty bus

Public schools with doorways where ax-handled Governors stood

Wealth, not what you had --- but what you never could

Smiling protesters hugging trees, saving seals and whales

Angry policemen busting heads and taking Brothers to jails

Soldiers without freedom fighting for peace

Tomorrow’s promises just beyond today’s reach


And realized there was no justice ---it was just ‘us’ . . . .



Richard e Hill San Diego June 2003




End of an Affair

The end of a love affair is bittersweet; benefits derived no longer commensurate to emotions expended ---- teetering on the edge of destiny’s precipice, deciding whether to hopelessly plunge, proceed in another direction or return to once more. The USA’s romance with the automobile being a case in point. Kicking to the curb the previous lover, the horse ---- as going from Point A to Point B became a more expeditious necessity. Henry Ford became the matchmaker supreme parlaying the concepts of former wagon-makers Studebaker, Olds and others, who in turn had borrowed generously from Karl Benz, the Germany based inventor of the horseless carriage circa 1885. (“OMG”, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile? Yes ---- my apologies for not resisting the inane social-networking abbreviation. )

Ford’s genius was “not to attempt to reinvent the wheel”, melding the best concepts of others with his own innovations to create a better mousetrap. His assembly line, a manufacturing milestone would produce cars faster and cheaper than anyone. International acclamation and admiration were eminent as he was heralded in the same scientific esteem as master inventor Thomas Edison. Adolf Hitler had a picture of Henry Ford prominently displayed on his desk and had many of Ford’s writings and speeches translated into German. However, the greatest admirer of Ford was himself. Mandating dealerships to sell and distribute his newspaper featuring social-political commentary laced with anti-Semitism. Demonstrating financial acuity and publicity often obscure social inadequacies and transgressions ---- make your Donald Trump reference here.

As we move forward to the next iteration of enhancing transportation, we must examine priorities, revisit the environmental concerns, and ask ---- do we really need to get there faster? Getting there more quickly to in turn do nothing constructive is a waste of the great commodity called “time”.




Q & A:

---- Why should African Americans be given special treatment? They should have to work hard for land and jobs like my (White) pioneering people. Why aren’t you against the Chinese and their inhumane practices with low wages?

Revising revisionist History as per usual I see. I believe that all people of any gender or ethnicity should be equally and fairly compensated. The pioneering people of the USA were given land taken from the aboriginal populace. When concept specific areas such as Pennsylvania were created, there were kindred support systems in place. Blacks when they were “freed(?)” had with the exception of scattered abolitionist groups virtually no supporting networks. Since education was illegal as were basic rights such as marriage and bearing arms; a protected area should have (and could have) been provided while basic survival skills and an economic base were developed.

I have empathy for the Chinese, but they do have the right to an education, willful relocation and cottage industries. Also, I have overlooked how humane slavery must have been ---- and the accompanying benefits laden high wages with short twelve to eighteen hour workdays. (Insert social networking abbreviation here)





(This offering from "back in the day" is presented in deference to the shivaree associated with the Royal Wedding)
Poem du Jour

The Dandelion


The humble dandelion lived in the shadow

Of the fog shrouded elegant rose

Her habits and wraps were far different from the opulence of designer clothes

The glitter and glamour are detected because they are not there

Only inspiration and hope follow where she goes

Although she had little she gave much

No one was too poor or forgotten for her gentle touch


The little flower flourished in the cracks and crevices of the land

Where the weak, the poor and hungry

Almost hopelessly try to stand and wait for

Better days

Better times


A cup of bran


Although frail and weak there was strength enough to embrace and heal

The forgotten, the unloved, the blemished and others without appeal


The day had come when the flowered withered and could grow no more

There was just one more thing to say, one more deed to do

She wanted to tell the One that loved and taught us all to love


That she loved Him too


Richard e Hill ©


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