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Sound Off, If You've Got a Pair

Emperors in the New Kingdoms - Sound Off, If You've Got a Pair

"Sound off ---- like you got a pair!" Everyone in military service ---- officer, enlistee or specialized services goes thru basic training and accordingly has a drill sergeant with a memorable tag line. Mine was SFC Rice; that and "FREEZE" were his signature phrases when you perceivably either replied or acted "too timid" or wavered in formation. Although contemporary military service with multi-cultural and mixed gender members gives the phrase different images and references. The message is the same in both military and civilian application ---- stand up, take a stance whether dissenting or concurring.

In long bygone times, you didn't need opinionated diversity; the ruling royalty class mandated everything. Tribute was exacted from the kingdom as well. As kingdoms expanded, varying sub-kingdoms were created. Those bearing the greatest tributes received titles with quasi-governing positions and in turn received their share of "gifts and treasures" ---- it took a lot of coin to run a kingdom; those royal feasts and fancy trappings were expensive.

Then patriots and a different type of tea party ‘sounded off and stood up like they had a pair'. The Revolution began; democracy emerged. Representatives were elected to serve the common good.

Things have changed again. Representatives have become royalty. Tribute is solicited ---- the common man in district kingdoms serves these nouveau monarchs who were originally chosen to represent them. Those bearing the largest tributes receive the largest share of representation. The Golden Rule is reprised and revised ---- those with the gold make the rules.

The wealthy may be able to outspend the 99%, but they cannot OUT VOTE them.


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