RETIREMENT - Death´s Foreplay 


 "If you don't believe you will ---- you won't"


Peripatetic Philosophy

Life's Phases:

1.     The exploratory --- salad days, where anything may be sampled trough the protective veil of youth

2.     The template --- the fruits of adventitious exploration are used to develop blueprints for career, romance, and existence

3.     The perusal --- the structures developed are altered or refined after reflection

4.     The climax --- in this final quadrant some seek absolution, others redemption, many mend fences or construct barriers. A fortunate few find themselves and walk slowly to examine the flowers, meet other people, and have a perspective view.


“History’s greatest tragedy is history itself; past misdeeds shadows obscure the present. Apathy shades the future.”

Forgiveness is the ultimate act of vengeance

Television versus Radio -  Television holds you captive .... Radio holds your hand

After Life -
Heaven has the accommodations, but Hell has the amenities

"Necessity may be the Mother of Invention, but Desperation are the starving children"

Luck -
Luck is the highlight on the resumé of amateurs

"The only way to enslave a man is to capture his mind; shackles and chains are temporary."

"No one frees slaves! People are and have been forever free --- Inhumane actions are abolished, overthrown, or just no longer practiced."

"One party seeks absolution and the other a solution"

"If you look for yesterday, you will never see today or find tomorrow"

"A friend is someone you can talk to without saying a word"

Old Age-
"Buy your bananas ripe and your toilet tissue one roll at a time"

A professional verity states, "There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it over". This does not apply to 'LIFE'. No re-runs", no "do-overs". Tasks -- undone, delayed, unfulfilled, ignored -- must be expedited because the time remaining on the perpetual clock is a hidden variable. Once the course is determined, chart the way and overcome the obstacles to the goal.  There are no 'real' second chances, just correctable errors.  TODAY is the garden of tomorrow, the harvest of yesterday's sown. 

TOMORROW--- left-over dreams watered by bullshit tears


Wishful dreams are classic novels; read initially because you had to, and read again because you need to, or most often placed upon dusty bookshelves with other memorabilia.


Life is serious --- it has to be because it ends in death


Conspiracy theorist guideline: "The more unlikely it is ---- the more likely it is"


Indian Casinos: Taking America back, one chip at a time


“There are levels that we can be reached that can only be achieved together”

Rock & Roll - Anthem of the indiscriminate


Heavy Metal - Loud inciting noise -

Commercial Blues - Rock & Roll with a diaphonous Jazz coating

Blues - Change from yout last dollar

Money - Fools tool to acquire wants over needs

Art - Subjective Plagiarism 


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