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Magic Words


 Magic Words


Via various media you are presented the scenarios ---- solemn dignitaries choking with faux emotions wearing designer sunglasses confessing to indiscretions, stone-faced politicians with comforting mates replying to reputation damaging allegations, arrogant technocrats accompanied by high-priced mouthpieces tactfully framing answers to barbed queries, charismatic articulate representatives whose purpose is "to handle these things" artfully speaking to  issues their benefactors are too "distressed or indisposed" to address, a solitary man "bravely" answering carefully selected interrogators. "I'm sorry" ---- the magic words that are the panacea for all social ills. Australia recently apologized for centuries of abuse to the aboriginal inhabitants with those magic words ---- casually brushing aside the fact that a population of five million indigenous people has been holocaustic eliminated, thereby reducing their number by more than 90 % to less than 400 thousand living on the fringes of society.

The protagonists whisk off to temporary seclusion, rehabilitation centers, country club prisons, or pending civil/legal procedures before whirring cameras, thrusting microphones, blitzing paparazzi and curious inquiring eyes. The answer metaphorically encompassed in the lyrics of a once popular song "What can I say dear after I say that I'm sorry?" as the subjects strategically wait in cicada abeyance to emerge again, re-invigorated Schwarzenegger-esque "I´ll be back" full force.


Rhetorically ---- are they not truly sorry? Of course ---- sorry that the acts were discovered!


Misdeeds are corrected by actions not words.



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Poem du Jour 


Teach Me How to Dance


Teach me how to dance romance's pas de deux
Enjoined, traveling lands never been; me, you, just two
Show me placid pleasure points, trembling treasure mounds
Whisper directions, shout discovery, breathe rhythms, sigh acquiesce
Renew my strength with fire never seen, tender kiss and clutching caress
Undiscovered joys buried deep, secrets hidden, fables confessed
Passions released all fulfilled with limits tabled, 
Reducing anxious gaze to wistful stare
I'll take you there, everywhere
Just teach me how to dance with you







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