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Q & A - We Get eMail, Comments and Questions Sep 2010

(This is a selected representative presentation of the volume of eMail and other queries I receive, most relevant correspondence is answered individually and CONFIDENTIALLY (names and other identifiers are OMITTED on the items displayed)     THANKS FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH


Q1. Have you ever received a monetary poetry grant? You are deserving ----

A1. Thanks, you can send a check to PO Box 16738 San Diego CA if you wish (so not kidding, ha ha). Seriously though, poetry clubs/societies are very clique oriented and clannish; hard for me to imagine receiving anything amicable from a clan.

The legalities are being addressed and I should have a poetry and other products in place by the end of September as “Indian Summer receives the chill of Fall when the last rosebuds blush before hiding from Winter” (the poetry won’t be this trite however).


Q2. ---- Poem du Jour “Teach Me How to Dance”

---- That's some serious dancing! Had to take a nap after reading poem.  Thanks

---- Wonder Of Wonders! This is the universe using a mere human man to reflect its wonderment.


----Beautiful Poem


---- How sweet you remembered you and me! LOL






---- HOTTT!!!  It brings back memories.


---- Thanks, I like it. Now I need a cigarette.


A2. Thanks, I needed that


Q3. Was Ezra Pound an influence on your poetry?

A3. I know Pound more from his incendiary social positions than his poetry. The heralded master poet is credited with creating the modernism movement in poetry. Upon reviewing some of his craft I can see some comparisons i.e. economy of words, mixing cultures. I have been told that there are art forms such as Japanese Hai Ku imbedded within my poetry, although I have received no formal training. If I were to acknowledge influences, it would be the radio and or a Jazz solo ---- finding a mood or theme, riding hard, jamming, and improvising.


Q4. Did you watch the Miss Universe contest?

A4. Please! Although an admitted philogynist; if I had wanted to be bored, a preseason NFL game was available. I skimmed the photos of the contestants after the fact. Miss Jamaica is “all ree”, yeah Mon! I was surprised that the Dominican Republic or Brazil was not in the final cut as per usual. Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala were --- close enough, I suppose. I knew that sycophantic Muslim hottie from the USA didn’t have a shot despite her well publicized obsequious remarks regarding the proposed Trade Center mosque.


Q5. Why are people from the USA referred to as Americans and the rest of the Americas from Canada to Chile are not? We (in this case Mexicans) are all Americans.

A5. Chill man; have a cerveza and relax. Geographically, you are correct. But in the official names of countries, the USA rightly or wrongly is the only country with America in the title, i.e. Mexico is the Republic of Mexico, Brazil is the Republic of Brazil, Canada is the Republic of Canada; etcetera and (drum roll, please) the USA is the Republic of the United States of AMERICA. I will stand corrected if another country has changed its name to include America.

The USA has a very negative (but improving thanks to the Prez) image worldwide. For those who thump their chests, exclaiming “My country, right or wrong; MY COUNTRY.” ---- These faux patriots are not the ones experiencing the affronts and injustices of our often polarized society.


Q6. ---- modified and entered a poem you had written. ---- won the contest and prize of $---- . Now they are saying the entry is invalid and want the money and expenses back because a ----- contestant outed -------. Can you say you mentored -------- and the poem was entered with your consent?

A6. No, definitely not going to happen. ------ problems are just beginning because both ------ and the publisher will face civil suits. ------ will face criminal charges as well. For the money involved, there is more than likely more than a poem at issue


Q7. ----Tiger Woods’ wife got 100 million plus in a divorce settlement. She should have gotten more from that cheating ---------!

A7. There is a lyric from an old Calypso song, “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life; don’t get a pretty woman for your wife” that applies here. There is some truth there because of the way beauty is empowered in our society. True, Woods was wrong in his infidelities; but doesn’t it seem strange that he could not have kept such matters more discreet? Many men (and women) of power and wealth have “escapades” that are done on the ‘down low’. I don’t know (and neither do you for that matter) know what Woods’ home life was really like. I do find his now ex-wife’s naïveté somewhat unbelievable given she is or was a super model; who as a group or individually are preyed upon and propositioned constantly.  Bottom line, having time, distance, and money opens many doors for missteps. Worth noting, Woods seems a little more prepared for life after divorce than we were led to believe e.g. the new digs in New York and the 54 mill plus mansion island now being built in Florida. I think Tiger ‘played’ everybody.


Q8. ---- Thanks for being my lifeline in the trivia contestant. Great call on women on circulating US coins and the tie breaker youngest person on circulating coin (your answer was better than the official one, although you nailed both). There are plans for a tournament with a $2500 prize; we would be an unbeatable team. I’ll front the $100 entry fee.

A8. Thanks for the XO Courvoisier. Have to pass on the tournament; due to my ongoing management of Depression, I would not want to risk being in a situation that could trigger an attack and thereby leave you hanging. (Women on circulating coins ---- Helen Keller on the 50 State edition quarter, Susan B Anthony dollar, and Sacagawea on the gold colored dollar ---- the so-called official answer for youngest person on coin was Sacagawea too, who was probably a teenager, but the ‘unofficial answer’ was the papoose she was carrying.) I feel the so-called proposed tournament would be a set-up 


Q9. ---- the Steve McNair case is still being shown on TV. You had it down months before everybody. You ever consider being an investigative reporter or detective?

A9. Why, to get my ass killed just to be able to say “I told you so”?


Q10. Why do restaurants usually seat minorities in less than choice sections to then receive inferior service as well?

A10. Because you let them. I would rather go hungry than PAY someone to mistreat me.


Q11. ---- I know that you are a gentleman, but you do have a dark side. Would you ever hit a woman?

A11. Haven´t you noticed, more than my side is dark? One of the most under-reported crimes in the USA is violence against men by women. In developing relationships, instead of exchanging nonsensical “who have you done lists” (where men overstate and women understate the numbers) couples should have meaningful dialogue with respect to the boundaries of a relationship. In answer to your question, jail is a better alternative than the Emergency Room or the Morgue.


Q12. ---- it is brown not red ----

A12. People perceive colors and sounds (and all senses as a matter of fact) slightly different. Women's senses are sharper than Males, for example most males do not distinguish dark blue from black as well as women. I look at colors much in the same manner that written words affect me; that is collectively, creating a sensation. I suppose this explains to an extent my word usage in writing, the combining of colors in painting and former manner of dress.

(I bet you wish this question had been less redacted)

**** OUT TAKES ****

Are you suicidal?

No, but I am homicidal and know where you live.


***** Hard to believe that you are as cool and composed as you project

Right, I’m even cooler. It is not widely known, but I am actually bashful and a loner.


***** How does a macho guy like you bear grocery shopping? I can see buying a few staple items at a time, but a list and using several stores

When you grocery shop, ALWAYS have a list or your bill will be twice as high and you will end up with a bunch of stuff you really don’t want. Besides, women love to flirt with you ---- they are usually married, it is harmless and not serious


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