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The Emperor Has No Rings

As sports seasons end with contenders for crowns dwindling down to a precious few; we aficionados with no teams in contention for glory hope for that final piece. The player. We have heard the hype from bombastic agencies; agenda-ized sponsors and eristic sportscasters that this athlete is all you need to ascend to echelon’s top rung. The savior du jour is the gifted basketball player, LeBron James.

My rooting interest for Sweet Home Chicago was piqued when the Chosen One supposedly included Chicago on his short list of destinations. I doubt whether the strict corporate structure of the Chicago Bulls would lend itself to the reportedly hands in every aspect of organization Mr James seeks; ask Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan. Perhaps it is oversimplification or senescence that places the LeBron Syndrome in skepticism. To wit, if a team with the best record in the League the last two years cannot win with LeBron James as a member, how can a team with more than 20 fewer wins in each of those seasons expect to do so?

The keyword here is team. The O’Brien Trophy is awarded to the best team not the most stellar individual; ask Patrick Ewing and or Charles Barkley.


The Emperor Has No Rings

On the great waters shore

Many kingdoms existed before

With the King of Kings ruling over six

The goal the new prince wanted to eclipse

The Goddess Nike adored and adorned with gifts

Before he entered the arena of deeds and myths

The shepherds gathered their flocks in wait

Before the Ruler Supreme announced the fate

That the Gifted One would rule from home State

The anointed boy King reached for the crown in Year Four

A feat the idolized Ruler from Air had not done before

Goliath sans David took victory’s chalice away

Leaving the upstart quest for another day

Assembling leaping mercenaries and knights from afar

The Chosen One sought to embellish his star

Winning more tournaments and jousts than the other 29

The brash King boasted “Destiny and the crown are to be mine”

First Superman, next the Green Wise Men; the prize denied again yet again

His Majesty LBJ pondered another land to create a dynasty in

Untold riches could be garnered beyond anything anyone knows

Minions brought forth his championship bling and gear to address court left in throes

An innocent young fan cried . . . . “The Mighty Emperor James has no ring or clothes”



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