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Mothers Day Sale: America?

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Mothers Day Sale: America?


Although I receive riddles regularly via eMail and in casual conversation, I generally use riddles only in a rhetorical manner. Namely, did the compassionate sacrificing revered beloved matriarch belong to the same species as the eristic control imbedded in muliebrity you repeatedly encounter socially? Before you barrage me with defensive missives remember I’m old and terminally single (recently celebrated my perpetual 39th birthday again). Happy Mothers Day or Feliz Dia de Madres.

Mothers – Never Ending Beginning

Rhythmic passion, fertile tabula rasa soul, innocent unseen

Perpetual pulse nourishing growth pristine

Exiting to enter cold world unclothed yet warmed

      by caring heart while cradled in tender arms

Receiving your first kiss from your constant love

Wiping away confused tears arrival

       forever comfort assuring survival

Guiding light from your personal star

Mother is always and forever there wherever you are




Día de las madres – El principio que nunca termina.


Pasión rítmica, fértil alma pura, inocencia no vista

Pulso perpetuo alimentándose de ingenuidad

Saliendo para entrar a un mundo frío y sin vestidura

Pero aun así recibido calurosamente por un corazón cuidadoso

Mientras es cargado por tiernos brazos.

Recibiendo tu primer beso de tu constante amor

Enjugando la llegada de lágrimas confusas

Consuelo por siempre asegurando una supervivencia

Luz guiadora de tu estrella personal.


Por siempre y para siempre la madre  estará ahí dondequiera que tú estés.


Tradiccion por Dr Bernardo Reyes Escamilla

















For the xenophobes clamoring for one language in America, their wishes may be granted. However, that language may be Chinese. China holds 50% of USA debt and that figure could reach 75%. They are buying America with house money. To wit, we buy their goods and they use the proceeds to buy our debt. Way back in the day, you were teased if you had ANYTHING made in China or Japan (before they cloned and expanded our manufacturing concepts). Japan and other countries fish near our shores, foreign conglomerates own and operate plants and farms within our borders; this should be the defining mission of the so-called TEA Party. TEA is an acronym for (T) that’s (E) enough (A) already. The USA is being pimped by the world. Our number one export is military bases, over 200 worldwide, number two is foreign aid; we watch their backs, support their humane projects; they pick our pockets. Hate to go gangster, but if we are bodyguards, we should get paid instead getting economically bitch slapped. Supporting developing nations is fine; they should at least buy our goods, repay loans, or send natural resources when able.

Here is my economic recovery plan to bail out the USA:

1.       We should encourage Mexico to rebuild their economy and have jobs at home; home being Mexico. Did you know that most of the souvenirs sold in Mexico are made in China? China used the swine flu scare to cut back on buying goods from Mexico.

2.       The USA should return to being a manufacturing based economy instead of a service based economy. Although the goods, clothing in particular are made in foreign sweat shops at lower costs, this is not reflected in sales prices. Let’s not talk about quality, a pair of USA made Levis once lasted forever; you would discard, hand down, or give them away before you could wear them out.

3.       Replace welfare with work fare and job training. No able bodied person or their dependents should receive a check without going to work. Subsidize companies to hire aid recipients (use some of that unappreciated foreign aid at home). Tax incentives should be given when individuals advance from subsidized jobs to regular employment within a company.

4.       Eliminate foreign owned farms within USA; I feel little uneasy about buying food from a farm owned by a country that was once nuked or napalmed by the USA.

5.       Foreign aid should be replaced with foreign loans; place green factories in countries where there are military bases and countries receiving foreign aid/loans.

6.       Mandatory military or civil service and eliminate these so-called quasi-military contractors. (Anyone who believes these employees are being paid six figures a year to be escorts and cooks, I can get some junk bonds for you to buy. Check that, the junk bond pyramid scam has been done already.)

7.       Take back our streets. Use the military to augment local police. If we can have a military presence on street corners in foreign countries; it should not be objectionable to have the same at home. Parents could return home from newly created jobs to children playing in yards and streets. A bonus could be detection of potential terrorist cells if our streets were monitored more closely.

I have more, but it’s time to work on my writings. Sports programming is nearing as well.

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