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When Kings were Knights


Kings once led their armies onto the battlefields. The casualties were mainly confined to combatants, as conflict was resolved accordingly. Weapons too were singular in purpose i.e. one arrow, one kill. As the world became more civilized the issues of concern broadened and boundaries changed; then the brunt of casualties was shifted to the general non-combatant populace. Weaponry increased in proficiency and sophistication. Slings and arrows have evolved into missiles and saturation bombing as the Kings are far removed from the confrontation of forces. Grief and destruction are the common denominators.

Politics is absent on the battlefield; victory is determined by casualties not parliamentary procedures. Non-combatants suffer the brunt of the toll because kings are no longer knights.



The world was large, separated by oceans, mountains, deserts and rivers. Now everyone is within a satellite transmission; further connected by unions, federations, organizations and treaties. We have the capability to speak to anyone; what is lacking is the ability to listen.




Are we protecting and advancing freedom or exacerbating its demise?



The Soldier


The common man with Superman's task


Sentry carrying the lantern to light Freedom's torch


Everyman in 'no mans land', one of the boys in the band


Valedictorian, star athlete, most likely to succeed, upward bound


The fringe struggling to make team or grades that turned his life around


Confident youth saying I'll see you soon to kin


A maiden in duty instead of beauty dress


Husband bidding adieu to newborn unseen or children never seen again


All pause in embrace before destiny's wall


 Last kiss as first kiss is always recalled. . .

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